The Sacred StonesThe Sacred Stones


Game Data

EffectUsesBuy Price
Removes poison condition.3350G

How to Obtain

Antitoxin can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Chapter 3 (steal from enemy Mercenary)
  • Chapter 6 (village)
  • Chapter 9A/10B (Vendor)
  • Chapter 12A/12B (Vendor)
  • Chapter 15 (Vendor)
  • Chapter 17 (Vendor)
  • Chapter 20 (dropped by enemy Cyclops and Gargoyle)
  • Port Kiris Vendor (World Map)
  • Bethroen Vendor (World Map)
  • Caer Pelyn Vendor (World Map)
  • Taizel Vendor (World Map)
  • Jehanna Hall Vendor (World Map)
  • Narube River Vendor (World Map)
  • Rausten Court Vendor (World Map)
  • Skirmish drops (Entombed, Bonewalker, Elder Bael, Cyclops, Tarvos, Mogall, Arch Mogall, Gorgon, Gargoyle)
The Sacred StonesThe Sacred Stones