The Sacred StonesThe Sacred Stones

Chest KeyChest Key

Game Data

EffectUsesBuy Price
Opens a chest.1300G

How to Obtain

Chest Key can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Chapter 3 (dropped by enemy Brigand)
  • Chapter 5x (x2, dropped by enemy Mage and Fighter)
  • Chapter 9B (dropped by enemy Mage)
  • Chapter 11A (x3, dropped by enemy Bonewalker)
  • Chapter 14A (dropped by enemy Knight)
  • Chapter 14B (dropped by enemy Shaman)
  • Chapter 16 (dropped by enemy Druid/Shaman for Eirika/Ephraim route)
  • Final (dropped by enemy Wight)
  • Port Kiris Vendor (World Map)
  • Bethroen Vendor (World Map)
The Sacred StonesThe Sacred Stones