The Sacred StonesThe Sacred Stones

Hero CrestHero Crest

Game Data

EffectUsesBuy Price
Promotes Level 10 or higher Fighters, Mercenaries, and Myrmidons.110000G

How to Obtain

Hero Crest can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Gerik starting inventory
  • Chapter 10B (village)
  • Chapter 14A (dropped by enemy Myrmidon)
  • Chapter 14A/14B (Secret Shop)
  • Chapter 16 (dropped by enemy Hero on Eirika route, dropped by enemy Warrior on Ephraim route)
  • Chapter 19 (Secret Shop)
  • Grado Keep Secret Shop (Creature Campaign)
  • Jehanna Hall Secret Shop (Creature Campaign)
  • Rausten Court Secret Shop (Creature Campaign)
  • Skirmish drops (Elder Bael, Cyclops, Wight)
The Sacred StonesThe Sacred Stones